Project Description

Fast Facts


  • 986 total number of volunteers
  • 244 number of new volunteers in 16/17
  • 17 age of our youngest volunteer
  • 101 age of our oldest volunteer


BaptistCare workforce are female
BaptistCare managers are female
Of our workforce born overseas

Highlights From The Year

Volunteer Pastoral Care Program

BaptistCare’s Volunteer Pastoral Care Program reached a milestone of 100 trained pastoral care volunteers across the state in October 2016, and went on to train another 35 volunteers to provide emotional and spiritual support to seniors either in their own homes or in our facilities.

In its second year, this program plays a vital role in reducing social isolation for the elderly with our residents and clients eagerly accepting the friendship, support and genuine connection that pastoral care volunteers provide during regular visits.

One hundred and thirty-five volunteers across 14 teams are now fully trained, and active in their respective communities, through the interactive pastoral course that runs for two hours a week over eight weeks including practical work alongside of our Chaplains.

New Safety Campaign

When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our staff, BaptistCare takes prevention very seriously. We are committed to educating our staff to be aware of the things that may cause them injury and what they can do to stay safe. Reducing the number of injuries to our people is one of our most important priorities.

In early 2017, we launched a safety campaign called Be a STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review), which prompts our staff and volunteers to take a moment and choose to act safely when performing work tasks.

The campaign has been rolled out via an interactive training roadshow. Since its commencement we have seen a 20% reduction in the number of injuries across the organisation.

New Reward And Recognition Program

A new reward and recognition program, the You Can Awards, was launched in June 2017, to recognise the achievements of our staff, and give them the opportunity to appreciate and say thank you to each other.

The new program is an easy to use system, accessible from any online device. Awards are available across a range of areas and levels, with points earned used to purchase the recipient’s choice of reward from a massive online store.

In the first month alone, we saw over 900 awards submitted through the system, of which 61% were peer to peer ‘thank you’ awards.

Learning Anywhere And Anytime

Since its launch in early 2016, we’ve seen our staff complete 31,458 courses via our online learning management system, LIDO. Of these completed courses, 40% were mandatory, and an encouraging 60% were courses completed by staff who are motivated and engaged to learn.

Our overall completion rates for mandatory training courses sat strongly at 97.8% for Home Services and 97.4% for Residential Services for the financial year.

The LIDO library has been expanded with new courses designed internally by our staff that tailor learning to BaptistCare’s criteria, culture and values.

Further, additional courses with clinical/specialist content have been sourced externally from Meditrax, Beyond Blue, and the Aged Care Channel to equip staff with skills and knowledge relevant to their roles.

Construction of the portal for our volunteers to access online learning was also recently completed.

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