Project Description

Fast Facts

Where our Chaplains work

  • 69.6% Aged Care 
    34.1% Home Services
    27.8% Residential Aged Care
    7.7% Housing and Retirement Living
  • 11.1% Community Centres
  • 9.5% Prisons
  • 7% Hospitals
  • 2.8% Juvenile Justice
hours of chaplaincy a week
kms travelled weekly to clients

Highlights From The Year

Volunteer Pastoral Care Program

BaptistCare’s Volunteer Pastoral Care Program reached a milestone of 100 trained pastoral care volunteers across the state in October 2016, and went on to train another 35 volunteers to provide emotional and spiritual support to seniors either in their own homes or in our facilities.

In its second year, this program plays a vital role in reducing social isolation of the elderly with our residents and clients eagerly accepting the friendship, support and genuine connection that pastoral care volunteers provide during regular visits.

One hundred and thirty-five care volunteers across 14 teams are now fully trained, and active in their respective communities, through the interactive pastoral course that runs for two hours a week over eight weeks including practical work alongside of our Chaplains.

Spiritual Care Series Launch

Following on from our successful Volunteer Pastoral Care Program, established in early 2015, we were invited by the Health Television Network (HTN) to assist with developing new written training materials for the volunteer training course ‘Spiritual Care is Everybody’s Business’.

The new eight-part Spiritual Care Series was launched on Wednesday 28 June 2017 by the Aged Care Channel (ACC) and HTN, with the support of Meaningful Ageing Australia and BaptistCare.

Streamed live from the ACC studio, the series launch featured a discussion panel of experts in the field of aged and spiritual care, including BaptistCare’s Ross Wakeley, Church Engagement and Volunteer Consultant, Isla Hampton, CEO of Meaningful Ageing Australia, and host Leigh Hatcher, veteran Australian broadcast journalist and author.

Working with the Association of Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT, we’ve ensured that all Baptist churches in NSW and the ACT can also access the Spiritual Care series so they may train up suitable people as pastoral carers. For details, visit

New Chaplaincy Qualification Partnership

In June 2017, BaptistCare and Morling College’s Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care qualification was approved by the higher education accrediting body, TEQSA, with courses beginning in 2018.

The award includes a Masters, a Graduate Diploma and a Graduate Certificate of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care.

The courses have been designed to deliver both foundational Chaplaincy skills as well as upskilling those already working as spiritual carers. 

BaptistCare Hymn Books Come To Life

In the last year we have produced our own BaptistCare Hymn Book for use across our aged care centres and retirement living sites.

After coordinating feedback from residents and chaplains regarding favourite hymns, scriptures and creeds, the Hymn Books came to life, with each BaptistCare site then choosing their own front cover picture.

The book is incredibly user friendly; light, with large print and easy to handle, and has been welcomed by residents and Chaplains alike.

Chaplaincy In Aged Care 

With 53 chaplains working across BaptistCare every week, 60% are based in our aged care services, and have the very special role of coming alongside our residents and Home Services clients as they age.

Lyn is a chaplain at our Macquarie Park site in Sydney, and relishes in the privilege of encouraging our residents to keep on growing and developing, making the most of who they are as a person.

She always greets new residents when they arrive, and spends the week getting to know them; becoming a recognisable face for the resident as they settle into their new home.

“One of my favourite things is to watch the lights go on behind people’s eyes. You know when they suddenly realise ‘I might be getting old, and I can’t do all the things I used to do, but God isn’t finished with me yet’”.

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